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Remote jobs 
that pay well

a simple, straightforward website to 

help techies, programmers,

marketing folk, writers,

and editors find

amazing remote jobs

What is Simple Job Listings?

A website to find curated  remote jobs that pay well.

Simple Job Listings is a place to find tech, writing, editing, and marketing jobs. The lists are curated to only include jobs that are completely remote and pay well. 

The inspiration to create SJL came from the fact that most job boards are created with companies in mind. 

This is a job board that's been built with job seekers in mind. For each job, you will find a short description of what the company is looking for and what your responsibility will be. 

You will also know if the company has disclosed the pay, what locations the company is hiring from, and what sort of experience the right candidate will have.  

Simple Job Listings for employers

What are the roles that I can fill with Simple Job Listings?

Simple Job Listings started out as a place for writers and editors to find great remote jobs. Due to popular demand, we've started adding more categories. 

So, as of today, you can hire developers, marketing professionals, writers, editors, software engineers, data scientists, cloud engineers — essentially, you can fill any tech role and marketing role using Simple Job Listings today!

This is something we're constantly working on. So, in the future, expect to see more roles being added to Simple Job Listings.

Find the best talent via Simple Job Listings

Simple Job Listings is the place you need to be if you're looking to hire the best talent in the world. 

While Simple Job Listings is pretty new, we've had an excellent start. 

There are several advantages of advertising on Simple Job Listings. 

  • Thanks to our growing community, you can be sure of filling your vacancies quickly.

  • We have a very active user-base

  • We offer bundle deals if you're advertising for multiple roles

  • We fill the majority of the roles listed with us

  • The entire process is hassle-free. You simply tell us what role you're hiring for, and we'll do the rest. 

  • If you don't want to go through every single resume submitted to you, Simple Job Listings will send you a prioritized list of candidates. 



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