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How to find remote writing jobs online?

Even though the pandemic is now hopefully in the history books, people have found how convenient remote work is. Companies have found that they have access to a global talent pool, and employees have found that they can work for companies halfway around the world, and it's a proposition that has helped both, employees and employers.

No industry has adopted the remote work model quicker and more comprehensively than the writing industry. You can now live in India and write for a company based in the US. However, thanks to the huge demand for these jobs, it's important to make sure that you're finding job listings quickly and applying to every reputed company that you can.

This is where job boards come into the picture. There are many reputed job boards that list remote jobs. We Work Remotely, Truly Remote, and are just some examples. While these websites are great, there are plenty of jobs that these job boards don't list.

At SimpleJobListings, that's the aim; to curate a list of high-paying writing, editing, and marketing jobs that you possibly won't find on the big websites. The job board is updated daily, the jobs and the companies are verified, and links to apply are presented to you in an easy-to-find manner.

How to know if I can apply for remote writing jobs?

There are many qualifiers for most remote writing jobs that are listed online. One of the first ones is the location. Even though there are companies that hire from around the world, there are a lot of companies that have geographic restrictions.

There are many reasons for this. Companies may have roles where it's important for the writer to be online during the working hours of the management team. Hiring writers outside their country may have tax implications that they're not equipped to deal with. There are certain industry verticles, like Real Estate or taxation, where local knowledge is crucial. Irrespective of what the reason is, the fact is that some companies don't hire globally.

To find out if you're eligible for the role, make sure that you check the job description very carefully. Companies will usually inform upfront if they don't hire from a particular geographic area. Some job boards will do this bit of research for you and display it prominently in the job ad.

The same is true of SimpleJobListings. Every job post clearly tells you if writers from your country are eligible for the job. This means that you don't have to waste your time reading through the whole post just to find out if you're eligible to apply.

Are all remote writing jobs freelance or are there full-time roles too?

Though most people only know of freelance writing jobs online, there are a ton of full-time jobs, too. Writers aren't always needed on a freelance basis. A lot of companies have in-house writers. They are tasked with writing landing pages, articles, blog content, whitepapers, and so much more.

Full-time writing jobs can be done remotely, too. And there are a lot of vacancies. So, it's not just freelance writing jobs that you can find online, it's full-time roles as well. There are several advantages of choosing a full-time role. For starters, you have the security of a job. You don't have to market yourself all the time and be anxious about where the next paycheck is going to come from.

Additionally, you get to work on different kinds of content. One week you may be writing the email content for a marketing campaign and during the next week you could be working on in-depth technical writing. So, there's a good amount of variety even if you're working for a single company.

Most job boards will list both freelance and full-time openings. Good websites will prominently display whether a job opening is for freelance content writers or for full-time writers.

How long do companies take to respond once I apply for a remote job?

Most companies ask for about two weeks to review your application. Unfortunately, most companies don't tell you if they're not moving ahead with your application. They only contact you if you've passed the first round. However, there are some great companies that do inform you even if you've not been selected to proceed to the next round.

As a thumb rule, if a company doesn't contact you within about two weeks, it's safe to assume that your application hasn't been accepted.

Where to find the best writing jobs online?

SimpleJobListings is one of the best places to find remote jobs. The list of jobs is curated to only include the best jobs, the companies are verified, all the necessary information is provided even before you end up on the company's page, and it's absolutely free!

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