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Why does this website exist?

For context, I have been a writer for more than five years, an editor for a little over three years, and managing writers, editors, and content for a couple of years.

Now that I've been on LinkedIn for a while, it's not uncommon for me to receive messages from new writers asking if I know of any job openings. I try to help when I can, of course. But it's not always possible. Either I don't know any openings at that point in time or the writer may not be suited for the job openings that I do know. It's the same case with editors and content managers, too.

There are other issues, as well. Some people only want to work remotely. Others want to go to an office. Some aren't in the country where the openings are while others aren't willing to move to places where there are openings.

Along the same lines, some jobs are offered on a freelance basis while others are full-time positions. Some companies are looking for freshers whereas others won't even talk to candidates who have less than five years' experience.

So, how do you match the right person with the right company?

Job boards, of course!

But there are so many job boards already. The companies running these boards employ hundreds of people with a ton of experience. What's more, they collaborate with job-offering companies, too. This is just perfect.

Or is it?

Most job boards are run like this: A company pays some money to a job board to show that they have an opening for a certain role. The job board accepts this money and the ad is displayed.

While this seems like a great solution, there are actually gaps in this method. For one, most websites don't curate a good list. Out of a hundred openings at any point, they show ten. Whether a job is remote or not isn't communicated correctly. The company's expectation of how experienced they want their potential employer isn't communicated correctly.

Is a job remote within a country or can anyone in the world apply for this job? What's the pay? What is the reputation of the company? What's the interview process like?

There are a ton of questions that companies need to answer before an applicant decides to spend a considerable time applying for the job. Most job boards answer some of these questions for most of the jobs advertised. They answer all the questions for a few ads. Simple Job Listings will do a much, much better job.

Additionally, there are a few other unique things about Simple Job Listings. For one, I'm going to curate the list personally. I don't have a hundred people working for me. I don't intend SJL to become that, either. What I do have are connections. I know people who are looking for writers, editors, and content managers.

SJL is by a writer for all writers, editors, and content managers.

Finally, I'm not doing this to make money. This is primarily to help my peers. So, this website may not be as slick as some of the other ones that you see. So, do bear with me.

If there's any suggestion that you have, I'll be more than happy to listen. Just drop a mail at and I'll make sure I read it. If you're a company or a business that's looking to hire talent, again, reach out to me. I have a suspicion that you'll find some of the best talent right here on Simple Job Listings.

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