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Make your hiring process


Get your job featured on Simple Job Listings

Simple Job Listings finds jobs that aren't posted on other job boards and shows them to users. So, there's a very good chance that we'll actually list your job post without you asking for it at all. 


So, why get your job featured at all? 

Simple Job Listings shows a maximum of 25 top jobs in each category. Given the huge number of jobs that we post on a regular basis, there's a very good chance that your job will stay on the website only for a day or two. Featured jobs stay on the website for 30 days, they're prominently displayed, and they're the first ads that our users see. 

NOTE: If you're hiring for multiple positions, you are eligible for bundle deals, too.

A featured job post costs just $99

Simply reach out to us using the contact form below!

Thank you for your interest. We'll reach out to you soon!

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